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New CUES division offers credit unions a great way to support the effectiveness of their nonprofit partners.

What are some characteristics credit unions share with their nonprofit partners? Here are three: 

Both exist to help people. They value mission-driven leadership. They face unprecedented talent challenges in this age of the Great Resignation.

One of the ways that CUs have been able to compete for talent in today’s world is by offering their team members and potential hires exceptional career development experiences—an undertaking CUES has long supported.

Because nonprofits need similar talent development support, CUES has launched a new division, TalentED. Pronounced “Talent-ed,” the new division is designed to help build a world of mission-driven nonprofit leaders by providing them with premier talent development solutions.

I recently caught up with Tony Covington, VP/business development of TalentED, for insight into this new offering and what it means for CUs.

Q: What has prepared you to be a leader in launching TalentED?

I have more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles at nonprofits, including the American College of Radiology, the American Stroke Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, CureSearch, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the United Negro College Fund and Special Olympics. 

Q: What has kept nonprofits from developing their employees?

This will sound familiar. They don’t develop their people because of obstacles like budget constraints, not having enough time and not knowing where to find outstanding educational opportunities they can afford. While these challenges are predictable, they still can be difficult to overcome.

Q: Why is developing nonprofit team members so critical?

There is a war for talent. Top-level employees are looking to work for companies that are ready to invest in their professional growth. That simple investment develops trust and loyalty, which allows these organizations to more effectively deliver on their mission. An investment in talent development can help nonprofits  address turnover. A survey by Nonprofit HR  found that the voluntary turnover rate at nonprofits is 19%, compared to only 12% across all industries.

Q: How can TalentED help?

Importantly, TalentED offers nonprofits assistance in creating a talent plan, including assessments that help them understand where they are and next steps with their people strategy. In addition, TalentED builds on the 60 years of experience of its parent organization, CUES, to offer high-quality educational programming.

Q: How do CUs fit into this?

CUs know the reputation of CUES. By connecting the nonprofits they are passionate about with TalentED, powered by CUES, CUs can help their nonprofit partners to strengthen their talent infrastructure. This holistically strengthens the nonprofit and its effectiveness within the community.

Q: What’s the best way to get more information?

Email me at; visit or #BeTalented!  cues icon 

Lisa Hochgraf is senior editor for CUES.

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