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Credit unions, like most businesses, are facing a talent crisis. But smart organizations have been putting in place strategies to match talent to future needs.

Unfortunately, the “Great Resignation” has made the war for talent even harder. It has also highlighted just how important a people strategy is now and will be in the future.

A longtime leader in talent development, CUES has created a new event to help you meet these challenges. TalentNEXT, May 15-17 in Austin, Texas, is designed as a team event that will unite your credit union’s senior leaders around a common vision for your most valuable asset—your people. Learn from experts in talent management and renowned faculty from The Wharton School and Cornell University.

In a webinar previewing the new event, TalentNEXT speaker Matthew Bidwell, Ph.D., associate professor of management at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, noted that the Great Resignation poses not just an HR challenge to credit unions, but a business continuity and strategic planning one as well. Read a recap.

Bidwell also shares three do’s and don’ts of employee engagement in episode 129 of the CUES Podcast. Find the show.

Attendees will also hear from speaker Garrick Throckmorton, SHRM-CP, CSME, chief products and services officer at TalentTelligent Inc. In a recent video for CUES, he discusses how to make succession planning more effective. 

“In my work, I have often seen organizations view good succession planning as something that they need, yet they don’t dedicate enough time and energy to the topic,” he says. “In other words, many of us know succession planning is important, but we don’t do enough about it. So how can we close this knowing-to-doing gap?

“First, we can think about what’s on the line,” he suggests. “Simply put, insufficient action on succession planning risks the sustainability and vibrancy of your credit union and the entire industry.” View the video.

Another TalentNEXT speaker, Todd Henshaw, Ph.D., director of Executive Leadership Programs, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and former director of military leadership, West Point, will present about how to build an adaptive, innovative team culture by applying “after action reviews.” The AAR was developed by the United States Army in the 1970s to help soldiers learn from both their mistakes and achievements. 

“Used regularly to assess successful and unsuccessful events, AARs will strengthen teams and improve performance and can become ingrained into the DNA of the organization,” Henshaw writes in a recent article. “When key learnings from AARs are shared, the experiences of one team can benefit the entire organization.” Read more

You can also read about getting started with people analytics from TalentNEXT speaker John Hausknecht, professor of human resource studies at Cornell University’s ILR School.

Your people are essential to achieving your CU’s goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to focus on talent strategies and performance management, ensuring your credit union’s greatest asset—its people—can effectively execute your strategic plan. Register at icon

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