Inside Marketing: Ride the Digital Wave for a Seamless Member Experience This Summer

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By Augusta Bauknight

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Paint a picture to show members how credit unions can help make their summer dreams a reality with easy remote support, online applications and more.

Digital service and temperatures are heating up as credit unions leverage technology to provide their members with seamless banking experiences to match the sunny vibes of the season. From mobile banking apps that allow easy access to financial services on the run—even at the beach—to online loan applications that expedite the borrowing process, credit unions riding the digital wave will ensure their members can make the most of their summer adventures.

Below are a few considerations for credit unions to enhance member engagement and convenience while creating a seamless summer experience for their members.

Banking on the Go

The convenience of digital platforms and mobile banking apps has become essential for credit unions in providing seamless summer experiences for their members. These apps empower members to manage their finances anywhere, whether they’re lounging poolside, exploring new destinations or simply beating the heat while banking from home. Features like balance inquiries, fund transfers, mobile check deposits and online bill payment allow members to handle their financial needs with ease, eliminating the need to visit physical branches during their summer escapades.

Credit unions can further enhance member benefits by incorporating location-based services into their mobile apps. Leveraging geolocation technology, credit unions can provide members with personalized offers, discounts or recommendations from local businesses, helping members make the most of their summer adventures while also fostering community connections.

Instant Funding for Spontaneous Fun

Summer often brings new opportunities and last-minute adventures that may require additional funds. By offering tools like online loan applications, credit unions can streamline the borrowing process while making it quick and convenient for members to access the funds they need for their summer plans. Through secure online platforms, members can submit loan applications, extend lines of credit, provide necessary documentation and receive prompt approvals, all from the comfort of their homes, RVs or mobile devices. By eliminating the need for in-person visits or lengthy paperwork, credit unions are enabling members to make lasting memories without any delays.

Credit unions can embrace digital payment solutions to offer their members security and convenience at every transaction, whether it’s purchasing concert tickets, booking travel accommodations or enjoying local events. By integrating mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay, credit unions allow members to make contactless payments using their smartphones, ensuring a smooth and convenient payment process at merchants and vendors. This not only enhances member satisfaction but also contributes to a seamless and hassle-free summer experience.

Additionally, credit unions can explore partnerships with popular digital wallet providers to offer exclusive promotions or rewards to their members. By incentivizing digital payments, credit unions can encourage their members to enjoy the benefits of convenience while leveraging the latest payment technologies.

Summer Schedules Can Be Unpredictable

Credit unions recognize the importance of providing reliable member support, even when physical branches may be less accessible. To address this, credit unions must invest in virtual member support channels such as live chat, video conferencing or secure messaging platforms. These digital communication channels allow members to connect with credit union representatives at their convenience, seeking assistance or resolving inquiries related to their accounts, products or services.

To ensure members enjoy uninterrupted financial services throughout the summer season, credit unions must not only offer mobile banking apps, online loan applications and digital payment solutions to enhance member engagement, but they should also highlight specific digital initiatives and innovations that add layer of convenience. Create a campaign that makes sure members know your institution is ready to support their summer fun and travel plans. By offering flexible and accessible member support, credit unions ensure that members can navigate their financial needs seamlessly, no matter where their summer adventures take them.

Augusta Bauknight is a senior account agent at William Mills Agency, the nation’s largest independent public relations firm focusing exclusively on the financial services and technology industries. The agency can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or its blog.

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