Talent Outlook 2023

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By Shanley Search Partners

15 minutes

It’s clear that credit unions, like many other institutions, are by and large still feeling the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year may continue into unchartered territory. And that includes hiring—and retaining—staff from entry level up to CEO.

Factors affecting the state of hiring in 2023 include high inflation, a shrinking talent pool spurred on by the Great Resignation, a competitive hiring market with elevated salaries, the desire by many to continue working remotely, the unrelenting push toward digital innovation and, if that weren’t enough, talk of an impending recession.

Though recruiting the right people who align with your institution’s goals and enhance your credit union’s culture may seem daunting, those institutions showing creativity, persistence and a willingness to change with the times will emerge victorious.

What can you do to overcome these challenges, attract the best people for the job in 2023 and win the war for talent? This whitepaper offers some suggestions.

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